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Needful Notions to help with everyday stitching and piecing

60mm X-Large Rotary Cutter
60mm Rotary Cutter is sharp enough to cut through several layers of fabric. The cutter Barn Chicks recommends to cut through a "crazy" pattern

Price: $32.00 

8.5" Kaleidoscope Ruler
8.5" Ruler

Price: $15.00 

Beatle Bag Inserts
This is a refill pack.

Sale Price:
$14.00 $9.80 

Chalk Pen White
Pen Style Chalk Liner

Price: $9.50 

Charcoal Split Bottom Pine Needles
Frame Size: 18"

Price: $25.99 

Creative Grid
60 Degree Ruler

Cut 30 and 60 degree angles up to a finished height of 8in.

Price: $19.99 

Creative Grid
Cat's Cradle Tool

Cat's Cradle Tool 7in x 7in

Price: $17.95 

Creative Grid
Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool

Use with up to 8" Finished Blocks

Price: $23.49 

Creative Grids Circle Savvy
Size: 11.75" x 18.5"

Price: $40.00 

Creative Grids Log Cabin Tool Quilt Ruler

Price: $19.99 

Creative Grids Spider Web Ruler
Creative Grids Strippy Stars Tool:
5" x 7-1/2" Quilt Ruler

Price: $24.00 

Creative Grids Strippy Stars Tool
Creative Grids Strippy Stars Tool:
5" x 7-1/2" Quilt Ruler

Price: $19.99 

Creative Grids Tumbler Ruler
Creative Grids Single Strip Tumbler Quilt Ruler

Price: $27.99 

Creative Grids Ultimate Flying Geese Tool

Price: $23.49 

Endurance Rotary Blade
Cuts twice as long!


Price: $0.00 


Fat Quarter Gyspy
Set Of 3 Stacking Pop Up Spring

Set of Three
Medium, Large, Extra Large

Price: $38.99 

Fat Quarter Gyspy
Stacking Pop Up

Pattern Includes Instructions for 3 sizes of Pop Ups!

Springs are sold separately

Price: $10.00 

Fine Line Water Erase Marking Pen
Makes a very thin line that is easily removed with plain water.

Price: $5.50 

Floss Kit Show & Tell
Mystery of Salem Quilt Guild
Floss Kit for Show & Tell Pattern


Price: $0.00 


Form Flex
22" Wide

Sale Price:
$6.35 $5.72 per yard

Hex N More Ruler
This ruler will help you to cut 4 shapes in 4 sizes! Hexagons, triangles, half hexagons and jewels all from one ruler that comes with full color instructions.

Sale Price:
$23.99 $21.59 

Light Panel LED
Lighter, brighter, whiter, color.
Made in USA. 8" x 11". Black

Price: $159.95 

Mini Simple Folded Corners Ruler
The Ruler has seven different sizes to choose from.

Price: $12.00 

Omnigrid Ruler
Size" 1" x 6"

Price: $4.49 

Perfect Scissors
Smaller Size 4"
Micro serrated blade
Comfortable soft handles
Keeps Fabric from slipping

Price: $20.99 

Perfect Scissors

Medium Size 6"
Comfortable Soft Handles
Micro serrated blade
Cuts through 4-6 layers

Price: $27.50 

Perfect Scissors

Medium Size 7.5"

Price: $29.95 

Pigma Pen
Pigma Micron Pen Brown .25mm Size 01

Price: $2.90 

Pineapple 6" Block Foundation Paper Pad
Size" 1" x 6"

Price: $8.98 

Punch Needle Lap Stand
Size:7"/9" Combo

Price: $42.99 

Quick Curve Mini Ruler
Size: 5" x 8"

Price: $18.99 

Quick Curve Ruler
Size: 12" x 7"

Price: $24.99 

Redwork/Embroidery Needles
Mixed Sizes

English Needles Sz7/Sz10

Price: $4.00 

Reliable Mini Travel Iron Steamer
CLICK Here to See Additional Images
2-In-Wonder Iron Steamer

Sale Price:
$54.99 $51.14 

Relocity Sensor Steam Iron
Click here to view additional images.
Price includes free shipping

Sale Price:
$194.00 $174.60 

Roxanne Glue Baste It

Price: $12.25 

Roxanne Glue Baste It Dip & Dab

Price: $3.25 

Scarlet Needles sz7
These needles have a longer eye, which makes them ideal for any kind of embroidery, especially Redwork. Packet includes 12 needles.

Price: $6.50 

Scarlet Needles sz9
Matchbook Needle Applique

Price: $6.50 

Seam Guide
Accurate Seam Guide

Price: $8.00 

Sidekick Ruler
8-1/4 x 4 1/2" acrylic ruler

Sale Price:
$17.99 $16.19 

Snowflake Frame
8" Snowflake Split Bottom Frame in Charcoal

Price: $15.99 

Splendid Web Plus Paper Backed Fusible Web Adhesive
15" x 36"

Sale Price:
$5.99 $5.39 

Spring Tension Embroidery Hoop 3.5in
Spring Tension Embroidery Hoop 3.5in

Price: $3.99 

Spring Tension Embroidery Hoop 5in
Spring Tension Embroidery Hoop 5in

Price: $4.25 

Sqangles Hot Iron Transfers-1.5"
Package Makes 1.5" Sqangles.

Price: $15.00 

Sqangles Hot Iron Transfers-LG
Super Quick Way to make Half Square Triangles.

Price: $10.25 

Sqangles Hot Iron Transfers-SM
Super Quick Way to Make Half Square Triangles

Price: $10.50 

Summer Brown Thread
250 yards

Price: $3.16 

Super Sidekick Ruler
This ruler cuts diamonds, triangles and half triangles.

Each ruler comes with full color directions. The Sidekick and Hex N More rulers can work together or alone. The shapes and sizes cut from each ruler can work together to make unique and interesting designs. All of the pieces can be rotary cut from strips.

Sale Price:
$27.95 $25.16 

Thangles - 2"
2" Thangles-Most Popular Size

Price: $6.25 

Thangles - 2.5"
Makes 300-2.5" finished HSTs.

Price: $6.25 

Thangles - 3"
Makes 200-3" finished HSTs.

Price: $6.25 

Thangles - 3.5"
Makes 200- - - 3.5" finished HSTs.

Price: $6.25 

The Stitchwitch Spellbinders Quilt Show
Complete Floss Kit

All the Floss needed to Complete Project.

Price: $79.00 

Tri-Rec Tools
Use with Circling the Ohio's Pattern;

Price: $17.59 

Ultra Punchneedle Replacement Threader
Four Designs


Price: $3.00 


Ultra Punchneedle Sampler Pattern
Four Designs


Price: $0.00 


Ultra Punchneedle Set
3 Needle Sizes

Price: $25.99 

White Crayons
Box of 12

Price: $9.50 

Windy Scroll Frame
9" Frame

Sale Price:
$14.99 $11.99 

Wonder Clips
10 Multicolored Clips

Price: $6.95 

Wooly Felted Ironing Mats
Choose From Two Sizes

Select options

Price: $0.00 


Your Nest Organizer
Your Nest Organizer keeps stuff handy in your quilt or craft room.

Price: $18.95